Sunday, June 19, 2005


So, the summer is here for good. Too hot for my liking though. Went cycling yesterday - got a bit tired and decided to lay down on the ground for a bit. Big mistake. Woke up 1.5h later all red and burned. Be warned - falling asleep in
scroching 32C sun is no good. I'm paying the price today - I'm stuck in my room getting some cream rubbed into my skin every hour or so. Not having to leave your house has its good point though - at least I've had a chance to look
through some blogs and (hopefully) get inspired.

In 10 days I'm off to Poland. Haven't been back home for a good few years. After mandatory visits to family and friends I'm going to the Tatras mountains. On my way I'll probably spend a few hours in Warsaw (probably the most unsightly city I've seen) and a day in Cracow (probably one of the most beautiful ones). The cherry on the pie is definitely going to be the Tatras though. I've missed the mountains so much. I urgently need to buy myself some portable hard drive -
considering that I quite often take 200pics within a few hours I wouldn't be surprise to shoot a 1000 or so in a day...
I'm sure there will be some beautiful ones...

Pictures of the day:
Suseu This-is-rice Films, photographs and Japanese girls Deceptive Media Daniel Herrera

Thursday, June 16, 2005

London Paddington Station

No note again. I've set some time aside to update the blog over the weekend -
I've had a hectic week and am too tired to write now. For the time being a pic
from last Sunday's London Photobloggers meetup. Big thanks to
for organizing it.

Picture of the day: Groundglass

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Trust the light II

Only came home an hour ago. It's almost 10pm and I still have some work to do. God wasn't too clever to come up with a mere 24-hour day, was he?

Photos of the day:

Eyes of minerva Somerville87 Three Apples High LB Imaging Deceptive Media

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Commuter II

Such a great lazy Saturday afternoon. So lazy I can't even be bothered to write a note. Next time...

Pictures of the day
That was my foot This-is-rice Yourwaiteress photos Suseu Mute Jyoseph Big Empty PrameshAttwala
Limited Exposure